Saturday, January 8, 2011

Texas de Brazil ~ New Family Tradition

As some may know I didn't have any access to the internet, but I'm back!!

Texas de Brazil, the place I have been dying to tell you about for about a month now. I know you are thinking, "wow that place is pricey", but it doesn't have to be.

This past Christmas we started a new family tradition; to get all dressed up and go out to dinner for the Christmas season. We chose Texas de Brazil for a few reasons... We love the food there, it's a different experience for the kids, it's not a quiet restaurant; (so it's great if you're taking your children), it has beautiful decor, and again the food is just great and you can eat till your heart's content! This is NOT your typical buffet..

They have brazilian sausage, filet mignon, bacon wrapped filet mignon, ribs, chicken parmesan, bacon wrapped chicken, lamb, and the list goes on. Their salad bar is a foodies dream, there is so much to choose from. Fresh lettuce, bacon strips (that are thick), artichoke hearts, palm hearts, fried provolone cheese, shrimp, sushi, olives, fresh warm bread, rice, lobster bisque (my favorite), orzo, and so much more.... my mouth waters just thinking about it. It's a "must go!!"

But of course like I promise, you've got to get a great deal to go with that great meal!! First off I will start saying if you sign up on their website for their email listing (as usual) you will get a coupon emailed to you instantly. For your birthday, anniversary, and holidays you get GREAT coupons!

1) I had a coupon for a BUY 1 dinner at regular price and GET 1 FREE!! (Which I got for my anniversary)
2) ALL Children 6 yrs old and under eat for FREE!!!!! That's right, FREE!

So our family of 7 which only 6 of us actually eat b/c my 7 month old doesn't yet, ate at this place for a total of $65.00 including the tip!!

I should also say if you don't know about this restaurant, it costs $45.99 per person to dine there, so now you understand that we got an AMAZING deal that you just can't turn down.

Sign up and treat yourself to a delicious meal with or without the kids... their website is: TEXASDEBRAZIL.COM

Happy Eating!!