Friday, November 5, 2010

Something FREE @ Disney!! WHAT?!?!?!?

I KNOW!! IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE SOMETHING AT DISNEY WOULD BE FREE!! A good friend of mine told me about this place called Ft. Wilderness. It's another part of Disney and we are going there this weekend to kick off my son's 5th birthday.

Why do you wanna go?? Well this is what they offer: Movie night under the stars... How magical!!

They show Disney movies on a nightly basis for FREE!!! Parking is FREE and the movie is FREE!!
At 6:30 pm they start the lighting of the bon fires, that's right, you heard me!! Bon fires for you and your family to enjoy making s'mores. You can bring your own s'mores ingredients or they sell s'mores kits for only $5 bux. After that's done, they have a 30 min sing-along for everyone to enjoy. Once that's over the featured movie begins.... It's a little like camping... and it's so affordable for your family b/c it's completely FREE!!!

What a great way to make some wonderful memories with your children! Go to the link and it will take you to the November movie schedule... I hope you get to go, and enjoy every moment of it.

I can't wait for Saturday night, I have been keeping it a surprise....

Happy Memory Making!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Logan's Roadhouse

Today you probably don't want to cook.. It's the beginning of the week, and let's say it hasn't gone so well for you. Dinner is on your mind, you weren't able to grocery shop b/c you may have celebrated Halloween, or you had a backed up septic system like we did... Oh the joys of life... :-) Well, here is a restaurant that you can go to tonight and have a hardy meal for a great price!

First off: Kids Meals are ONLY $2.99 including drinks that's cheaper than most places you'll go.

Second: They have a running deal; All day MON-WED or SUN-SAT from 3-6pm you get 2 entrees for only $13.99

Third: If you go to you can sign up for their NUT-E Club and you'll receive a $5.00 off coupon of $20.00 or more that is good for 1 month.

Would you be able to get a babysitter and go out on a spontaneous date, and still be w/n your budget??
They also have a great deal that includes, 1 appetizer, 2 full meals, 1 dessert for only $19.99!!! You can't go wrong with that. What better way to spend the night by sharing a delicious dessert with the one you love and care for...

What do they have... well, if you don't mind stepping on peanuts while you walk in, then this is the place for you. While you wait to be seated they have cute little tin buckets with peanuts you can munch on. Don't like those... well, once you're seated they will bring out these amazing yeast rolls, that are so warm and soft, just delish!!
They have a good menu, steak, loaded mashed potatoes, lobster tails, fish, chicken, shrimp, ribs, and some really fresh salad. There's lots more.. but go ahead and give it a try, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

Happy Eating!!


Hi! I know it's been a while... Sorry about that, life of course can get hectic around here.. you know with 5 kids and all..
But I have a wonderful "gift" for you all! That's right, there is an $8 dollar coupon waiting for you to print out for your TOY STORY 3 purchase tomorrow. The exciting thing is it doesn't expire till November 8th! However you MUST print it out today, it won't be available tomorrow. This is a GREAT way to get some Christmas shopping started, makes a great stocking stuffer. Unlike myself, I will be getting this for my son that's turning 5 on the 10th!! We love you Joseph!! This will be the perfect addition to our Toy Story collection.

If you purchase it at Walmart it is technially the cheapest... it is $24.98 and Target will have it for $24.99 It will be up to you where you like to shop or what's closest to you...

Go to the link below and it will take you to it.

Happy Shopping!!