Friday, November 5, 2010

Something FREE @ Disney!! WHAT?!?!?!?

I KNOW!! IT'S HARD TO BELIEVE SOMETHING AT DISNEY WOULD BE FREE!! A good friend of mine told me about this place called Ft. Wilderness. It's another part of Disney and we are going there this weekend to kick off my son's 5th birthday.

Why do you wanna go?? Well this is what they offer: Movie night under the stars... How magical!!

They show Disney movies on a nightly basis for FREE!!! Parking is FREE and the movie is FREE!!
At 6:30 pm they start the lighting of the bon fires, that's right, you heard me!! Bon fires for you and your family to enjoy making s'mores. You can bring your own s'mores ingredients or they sell s'mores kits for only $5 bux. After that's done, they have a 30 min sing-along for everyone to enjoy. Once that's over the featured movie begins.... It's a little like camping... and it's so affordable for your family b/c it's completely FREE!!!

What a great way to make some wonderful memories with your children! Go to the link and it will take you to the November movie schedule... I hope you get to go, and enjoy every moment of it.

I can't wait for Saturday night, I have been keeping it a surprise....

Happy Memory Making!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Logan's Roadhouse

Today you probably don't want to cook.. It's the beginning of the week, and let's say it hasn't gone so well for you. Dinner is on your mind, you weren't able to grocery shop b/c you may have celebrated Halloween, or you had a backed up septic system like we did... Oh the joys of life... :-) Well, here is a restaurant that you can go to tonight and have a hardy meal for a great price!

First off: Kids Meals are ONLY $2.99 including drinks that's cheaper than most places you'll go.

Second: They have a running deal; All day MON-WED or SUN-SAT from 3-6pm you get 2 entrees for only $13.99

Third: If you go to you can sign up for their NUT-E Club and you'll receive a $5.00 off coupon of $20.00 or more that is good for 1 month.

Would you be able to get a babysitter and go out on a spontaneous date, and still be w/n your budget??
They also have a great deal that includes, 1 appetizer, 2 full meals, 1 dessert for only $19.99!!! You can't go wrong with that. What better way to spend the night by sharing a delicious dessert with the one you love and care for...

What do they have... well, if you don't mind stepping on peanuts while you walk in, then this is the place for you. While you wait to be seated they have cute little tin buckets with peanuts you can munch on. Don't like those... well, once you're seated they will bring out these amazing yeast rolls, that are so warm and soft, just delish!!
They have a good menu, steak, loaded mashed potatoes, lobster tails, fish, chicken, shrimp, ribs, and some really fresh salad. There's lots more.. but go ahead and give it a try, I don't think you'll be disapointed.

Happy Eating!!


Hi! I know it's been a while... Sorry about that, life of course can get hectic around here.. you know with 5 kids and all..
But I have a wonderful "gift" for you all! That's right, there is an $8 dollar coupon waiting for you to print out for your TOY STORY 3 purchase tomorrow. The exciting thing is it doesn't expire till November 8th! However you MUST print it out today, it won't be available tomorrow. This is a GREAT way to get some Christmas shopping started, makes a great stocking stuffer. Unlike myself, I will be getting this for my son that's turning 5 on the 10th!! We love you Joseph!! This will be the perfect addition to our Toy Story collection.

If you purchase it at Walmart it is technially the cheapest... it is $24.98 and Target will have it for $24.99 It will be up to you where you like to shop or what's closest to you...

Go to the link below and it will take you to it.

Happy Shopping!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

It was just a dream

This is so funny and couldn't believe it happened, but I had a dream last night about Target...
Yes, I was dreaming about Target (the store)!

I dreamed that I was at a Target shopping for some great clearance deals, and had a bunch of stuff in my hands... and next thing I know, all of the lights went out in the store... The people who worked there said, " we don't know what's going on, but we won't be able to run your purchases." I became so sad that I couldn't buy what I had.
Go figure... hahahaha

But it was just a dream.... or in my case a small nightmare... :-)

Happy Shopping!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Clearance, Clearance, Clearance!!!

Now, I love to eat for a good deal, but I also looooove to shop for good deals. Today I won't give you any tips on what restaurant to eat at, but I will tell you that one way or the only way I looove to shop is getting stuff on clearance. I have to say one of my favorite stores is Target. If you've been to one before you know that they have great quality, clothes, toys, electronics, food etc. I love this store for a few reasons:

#1 It's clean
#2 It's always neat
#3 The lines aren't usually long, and that makes checking out a lot quicker and smoother.
#4 They have a rule that there shouldn't be more than 2 people standing in line.
#5 They have great customer service. If you can't find something they go look with you....they don't say "I don't know" or " I don't work in that department.."
#6 Clearance, Clearance, Clearance!!

This store is AMAZING with their clearance sections... Yesterday I went to go buy some formula.. Like I said before I have a 2 month old, Isabella Grace! Well, I began heading towards the baby section and found my formula, it was on CLEARANCE for $11.75 when it usually costs $16.79. Like many of you moms out there know, Enfamil and Similac will send you rebate checks for $5 dollars each. I had 4 $5.00 checks which was a total of $20.00 in checks. (Stay with me now) At regular price I would have paid: $33.58 plus tax, but since they were on CLEARANCE the total (before my rebate checks) was $23.50. AFTER MY REBATE CHECKS MY TOTAL WAS:::::::: $3.50!!!! I SAVED an astonishing amount of $30.08 for 2 cans of formula!!

I got my daughter 3 pairs of shoes for school at a CLEARANCE price of $4.54 each pair and the regular price was $16.99 for each pair. My total before clearance would have been: $50.97 but with the CLEARANCE price I only spent $13.62 SAVING $37.35!!!

One last item that I purchased was socks for my two boys and older daughter. Personally I'm not a fan of buying socks b/c you pay more than what I think is really worth. A usual price for a 4-6 pack of socks is about $6-$7. Well, I bought 3 of the 6 packs of socks on CLEARANCE for ONLY $1.48. The regular price for those were $5.99 each pack. Before clearance I would have spent $17.97 but I ONLY paid $4.44 SAVING $13.53
My daughters socks were a pack of 10 on CLEARANCE for $3.24 regular price for that was 9.99. I SAVED $6.75.

At the end of the day before clearance prices I should have spent: $112.51

I ONLY paid $24.80

I SAVED $$87.71 !!!!

If you shop for a big family like I do (7 of us included) GO TO THE CLEARANCE sections first!!! You never know what amazing deals you'll find.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's SMOKEY!!!

If you're like my family, you enjoy eating out.. Even my two oldest kids (6 and 4 1/2 yrs. old) ask to go to restaurants. We like it because it's an experience. You get there and the kids see the lights, the shiny tables and chairs, the colorful carpet, all kinds of people, and then come the kids menus. Those may not always get the attention, b/c they like being "a big person", so they take the adult menus instead. None the less, we have a great time. We order and the food comes out, it's that simple. So, we treat them and it would be nice if we got a treat from time to time as well... Wait till you hear this...

My next pick for restaurants: SMOKEY BONES!!

Now I have to be honest I used to hate going there... UNTIL.... they changed their menu. Now I enjoy going there.

Tip#1: Monday- Friday from 4pm-6pm and 9pm till Close you can order appetizers for half off the regular price. Not a bad deal!!

Tip#2: Here's the part we get back, and so can YOU!! They have a "club" called the BONES CLUB, it's a FREE membership card you can pick up at any Smokey Bones. You can activate your card on their website and you'll automatically get 100 points! Every time you rack up 200 points, you get a $20 credit!! How do you earn these points?? It's easy. Every time you dine and pay, you give your card and you get 1 point for every dollar you spend.. I.E. $30 bux = 30 points The great thing is on some items you can earn double and even triple the points, so you get to your 200 points even quicker!!
One more thing when you activate your card...... Once you do that, you will get a coupon for a FREE APPETIZER sent to your email w/n 2 days!!

You just can't go wrong. So if you have a late night craving and need some "girl time" head to Smokey Bones. And... we can't forget the men, they can go with "the boys" and have a great time too. I know mine loves watching the games at the restaurant...

Happy Eating! GO BENGALS!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As we get ready for Back-To-School, we spend lots of money on clothes, or uniforms, supplies and of course, FOOD!
I certainly know that making a menu for the week or month is the way to save the most money. But for those of us who may be a little frazzled by all the transition that goes on the first couple of weeks and you need a break I've got a restaurant that is a great place for food that is also MONEY FRIENDLY for your family. My first pick @ restaurants will be: Buffalo Wild Wings!

How can you save money there may you ask... well here's the scoop.

Tip#1 Every Tuesday is Wing Tuesday that means you can buy wings for $.50 cents!! So lets say you want to just get wings and not spend money on a tip, you can still order take out! Our family usually gets $20. bux worth of wings and then I make fries or something at home to go with it. Our family, like I said before, consists of 2 adults and 5 children, 4 of which eat actual food. I just had a baby soooo she doesn't eat this real stuff yet..

Tip#2 Every Thursday your kids can eat for $1.00!!! That's right you heard me... All kids meals are only $1 dollar!! So if you've got 4 kids like I do, we can feed em' for just a buck each!

Tip#3 Every Monday-Friday you can get appetizers for half off the regular price until 7pm!! That means you and your loved one can order from the appetizer section of the menu and order different kinds and only pay half of what it would cost. So lets say you and your loved one order 3 apps and at half the cost at most it would be about 4 bucks each, that equals to $12 dollars... and if you have 3 kids... at $1 each all you spend is........
a GRAND TOTAL of ONLY: $15.00

Now my husband and I like to give a little more than the 15% tip so if we raise it up to 18% your Total would be just: $17. 70 You just CAN'T BEAT THAT!!

This total is without soft drinks, we usually just get water, but if you do want to get a soft drink, we usually just get one b/c those are refillable and if you're not a germ-a-phob you can share.. and.... soft drinks are usually charged up to 3 dollars... You can buy (2) 2 liters at that price..

Happy Eating!!

The Check-Out Chick has 5!!

As a mom of 5 I know how hectic it can get in the daily life, and that means that sometimes making dinner just isn't an option. There is always a lot to be done before dinner time. There is breakfast, snacks, lunch, naps, snacks, and in between all of that, the park, getting kids bathed and dressed, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, the list goes on. Ocassionally I forget to take meat out of the freezer, and when I realize it, it's just too late. So those days I think what can I make that's quick?? Sometimes, I can't think of anything except where can our family go to eat. If you've ever expirienced this, like myself... I will show you different ways to save money while enjoying some of your favorite restaurants. Eating out can be expensive and with the economy not being so great and growing families we can use all the tips we can get, right?? Stay tuned for the ways you can save money and still have a good meal.