Wednesday, August 17, 2011


HELLO and GOOD MORNING!!! Last week Walgreen's had wipes for $2.00 for the 189 ct refill bag... That was a great deal this week.... $2.99!!!!!!
Here is what you do: You get the Walgreen's Coupon booklet that hang on the end caps or ends of the ailes, there is a $2.00 coupon in there.

This Sunday paper had a $.50 off coupon

When you get to the register tell them the Infant Care Booklet has a coupon for another $2.00 off, you don't need to give them the coupon just tell them it's CODE: 5519

2.00 (Walgreen's Coupon booklet)
2.00 (Infant Care booklet 5519)
.50 (Huggies manufacture)
$ 2.99

Another tid bit, If you like GOYA products Walgreen's is also getting rid of their GOYA products to make more space for cereals, SO they have their GOYA products on clearance!!! If they are priced with an orange sticker, it's actually half of that price shown.. I bought: 10 pounds of Canilla rice for ONLY $3.00
3 cans of beans for $1.56
2 bottles of Adobo for .60
If you go to you can sign up for the newsletter and print out coupons... which I also used in my purchase... You might wanna check it out!

Happy Shopping!!

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